Enomoto 3279 Tire Setter Complete

Enomoto 3279 Tire Setter Complete

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http://enomotoy.jp/SHOP/EE3279.html Astounding machine. For truing and trimming, wheels and tires- this is an extremely high quality tool. Design is very similar to oldschool RC comm lathes. (Makes sense, Enomoto has been doing Mini 4wd and RC for over 30 years). I'm using Coconut Oil with the blade attachment in this picture, makes fast precise work of tire trimming. Incredible craftsmanship and consideration for Mini 4wd trimming. Runs QUIET. Totally acceptable for use around other people without driving them mad. Two included ways to cut: - crosscut cutter holder, standard Olfa XB216 blades - 3 point machinist bit Two included rotation spindles: - spindle with aluminum wheels, 2 sizes included (not smallest, not largest) - spindle for 1.99mm dia (larger) axle and plastic wheel, locks right in with a small thumb screw http://enomotoy.jp/SHOP/EE3265.html Full kit also includes simple power supply, suitable for motor break in and more! Slick. Delighted to finally have one.

2017/01/07 22:18:27