FMAR - no starch press

FMAR/ARFM building from past experience- continuing FMAR research and development toward a Brooklyn style. Entire design is based around strong front end stability, leveraging motor weight and gyroscopic effect. Front end wheel with high, rear narrow. Heavy front roller stay design is intentional, simply adjustable pitch using washers/spacers. 134g overall weight. Will most definitely race Hyper Dash (Japan Cup rules), but really this car is designed for Sprint Dash, Mach Dash, and even Plasma Dash. Aimed at ultimate speed, I am calmly determined to harness this power and learn control.

2016/11/09 08:29:35


  • Brass Black - Birchwood Casey
  • Aluminum Blackened Parts
  • Reduced 2mm Washers 10309
  • エアロアバンテ クリヤーブルースペシャル
  • Japan Cup 2016 green tires trimmed


  • Visiting Enomoto 2016.12.23
  • Visiting Force Labo 2016.12.24
  • Visiting Tamiya Shimbashi 2016.12.27


  • ターボジーニアス
  • ブルヘッドJr. AR
  • マッハビュレット メタリックスペシャル
  • AR
  • Vマグナム
  • FMAR Thunder Shot Mk2


Jun Poon

No worries if it's your first ARFM. I believe u could find a better way on the next time.


yep- learning :). next fmar I have ideas not so bulky, and this setup has high weight...

  • ike
  • 2016/12/27 00:39:24
Jun Poon

Nice try!Maintain the strength of the front end is the most important thing on ARFM.